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The most important currency to share with those you love is TIME
03 July, at 12:16
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Just a thought for our young brothers and sisters growing up: if you are going to choose your marriage over your child then best you wait for the marriage first before you have your child. No child ever asks to be born out of wedlock, meaning your involvement in thier growth is not an obligation but an extraordinary necessity. By Nduduzo K Mbele
20 April, at 10:46

Well said
21 Apr 2018, at 01:11

true that my brother
28 Apr 2018, at 05:48
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It took millions of dollars to build the Titanic but when it sank.......Human life was lost..... Which was the greater loss? You do the math. By Nduduzo Mbele
28 December, at 05:45

coming to think of, it is as if millions were spent just so thousands could be killed. I know; sounds crazy...
28 Dec 2017, at 07:54
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There is no testimony without experience. Let your trials strengthen you and let your success humble you always. Nduduzo k mbele
03 December, at 17:38

experience is a good teacher. Trials and tribulations are meant to make you, not to break you
03 Dec 2017, at 18:02

lets be patient when have nothing, and be humbled when we achieve #success. Tough times can you give of the best lessons any person can give you. Let experience be the teacher
03 Dec 2017, at 18:09
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My dream is to become a motivational writer and speaker bUT I am too scared to step out of my comfort zone
24 November, at 03:14

You don't have to be scared. Let me tell you something about the comfort zone. Comfort zone is a very nice place to be, but guess what! There's no growth in there. If you want to grow, if you want to be the best you can be, get out of your comfort zone, you'll be thankful you did.
24 Nov 2017, at 03:27

I have been in a comfort zone for a very long time, and I regretted every minute of it even though it was a good place to be, but I new that if i want to grow, I need to throw myself under that bus. I'm glad I did, do that same you will be amazed by what you can do when you get out of your comfort zone
24 Nov 2017, at 03:31

@Nduduzo_K_Mbele comfort zone stops you from doing what you need to do to become that person you ought to become, I implore with you, get out of there, it is a nice place to be, but has deprived others from realizing their true potential.
24 Nov 2017, at 03:45

You want to become a #motivational speaker and a writer, well I got news for you: Go for it!
24 Nov 2017, at 04:02

Do you know how many #dreams are resting in the graveyard simply because of #fear? Don't let your #dream rest in the graveyard, keep it alive
24 Nov 2017, at 22:41
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An abortion is one of the most painful experiences mainly because, we terminate that which needs to come to life or existence and sadly we need to live with the decision for a lifetime. The harshest part of it is that, we can’t share the experience with others around us and as a result have our own private funerals, and evn though we elude judgment from the public, our own guilt murders us daily. This then is my conclusion, abortion may come as a result of many reasons, some valid and Read more...

And this is heart breaking, we often times die with our #dreams
22 Nov 2017, at 23:49

if we neglect our #dreams, we limit our chances from becoming #successful
23 Nov 2017, at 09:33
If something is said to be FRAGILE, in no way is it an indication or implication that it is WEAK...... It simply means it is of more VALUE and far SPECIAL beyond what may just be is set aside for the mature mind...Therefore...... It simply means more RESPONSIBILITY is required from whom it may be presented to HANDLE....should the item BREAK, it reflects badly on the characteristic and CAPABILITY of the HANDLER and not the elasticity of the only have one chance to Read more...

the #opportunity might even be your last, so handling it with care would bd wise
22 Nov 2017, at 08:32

sometimes #opportunities comes ones in the #life time. If presented and taken for granted, it could be one big regret when reflecting back
22 Nov 2017, at 08:35

seize every #opportunity that comes your way, it may never return
23 Nov 2017, at 09:34
Vandalism is regarded illegal in most countries across the world. Many feel it is a form of expression and many may interpret it as ART . It's important to remember that cheap art will always be publicly displayed outside on wall for people to imitate but expensive and quality Art will always be on the inside. million dollar ideas are valued not washed away In the context of success. ......would you rather be a graffitist or an Artist ? By Nduduzo K Mbele #untilwemakeitbig

Wow... food for thoughts... And artist I would, and you @Nduduzo_K_Mbele?
21 Nov 2017, at 03:27

Ive been a graphittist for too long. I am understand better now the form and requirement of being an artist
21 Nov 2017, at 03:30

So being an Artist is the way to go @Nduduzo_K_Mbele? I always wondered..
21 Nov 2017, at 03:34

As an artist only the people who appreciate the art will be in your circle and there are those who will want to pay to preserve it BECAUSE it's one of a kind.
21 Nov 2017, at 03:49
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The core foundation of any relation or relationship is TRANSPARENCY. A relationship between any two individuals whether it be professional or personal, is like standing in front of a Glass door, where each individual can clearly see through....(HONESTY) A relationship should never be like standing in front of a mirror where you can’t see beyond yourself and what is only behind you.(SELFISHNESS) GLASS OR choose? By Nduduzo K Mbele

#relationships - where there's no transparency, #relationships are born to die.
21 Nov 2017, at 03:10
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One of the biggest reasons why people find it difficult to let go of bad company and habbits is because, at the time they are active in our lives, we hand over the spare key that they may enter and exit as they please. When our lives begin to take shape and we eliminate that which is no longer needed or necessary, we then realise or come to find that what we want to leave behind will still intrude at anytime because of the spare keys that we gave away as a form of consent or permission of acc Read more...

We also afraid of what might happen if we let those #people. Well sometimes we have to let all the toxic out of our lives
20 Nov 2017, at 04:56
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One of the greatest reasons why most marriages and relationships never last is because we have adapted to society's standard that we go 50/50 in the relationship. The notion proposed that we be equal is 'maybe' of a good nature but my biggest question is...... If 50 percent of me is invested in my marriage.....then where does the other 50 percent go? If 50 percent is the benchmark as a contribution, should a single percentage be missing or distracts you from your partner....then there will be Read more...

"If 50 percent of me is invested in my marriage.....then where does the other 50 percent go?" - Well said @Nduduzo_K_Mbele - where's the other 50?
19 Nov 2017, at 16:37

there's no such, either you committed or you not... PERIOD!
19 Nov 2017, at 16:42
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Consistency is not the inability to fail, but instead, it is persistence even in the greatest possibility of failure. Nduduzo K Mbele

#failure is inevitable, but persistence will bring you closer to #success
20 Oct 2017, at 00:00
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