Aaliyah Alfazema

South Africa, Sandton, Gauteng

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Aaliyah Alfazema
Creating your own path is a great achievement. Following the path of others is an understatement of your full capabilities.

If you don't stand for anything, you will fall for everything right
30 Oct 2017, at 04:20

and guess what? Others may start that path with you, but will never finish it with you
30 Oct 2017, at 04:32

no one can recognize you if you are in the crowd
06 Jun 2018, at 11:31

Don't have to do what everyone is doing, create your own path...
29 Aug 2018, at 07:58
Aaliyah Alfazema
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm..

#enthusiam is what keeps you going
23 Oct 2017, at 00:21
Aaliyah Alfazema
When you are persistent you will get it. If you consistent, you will keep it..

even when the river is persistent, it break through the rock.... that's shows what persistent can do for you
23 Oct 2017, at 00:39

#success can only be attained through persistence, otherwise the #world wouldn't be what we know today
23 Oct 2017, at 00:49
Aaliyah Alfazema
Its not a race, it's a journey that has different paths of getting there!!

A lot of people think is a competition, a race... at is not, Like you said @Aaliyah its a #journey and therefore one must enjoy it
22 Oct 2017, at 22:09

I might go on a different path but that does not mean I'm lost, it is mine
22 Oct 2017, at 22:34
Aaliyah Alfazema
I can AND I Will.

And guess what? No one can stop you and say you can't... Go girl
22 Oct 2017, at 22:18
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Aaliyah Alfazema
One day or Day One. You decide.

lol... the choice is yours. certainly
22 Oct 2017, at 00:32

we are used saying "tomorrow, tomorrow" well! one is tomorrow is not promised to anyone right. So why not do it today?
22 Oct 2017, at 00:36

Today must be that day, how long will keep on saying tomorrow.
22 Oct 2017, at 01:35
Aaliyah Alfazema
Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me!!

Either i change my #life or it remains the same
22 Oct 2017, at 01:47
Aaliyah Alfazema
If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change *YOU*

true that. Growth takes place when one decides to get out of their comfort zone
22 Oct 2017, at 00:22

@Mandal difficult phase but the after rewards of getting out of that comfort zone is worthwhile.
22 Oct 2017, at 00:27

The day you take charge of your #life and stop depending on others to do what you can do for yourself, that's the day your #life changes for the better
22 Oct 2017, at 00:28

@Aaliyah i couldn't agree with you more. You said it best. That's where we see our true potential
22 Oct 2017, at 00:38

if #life didn't have challenges, it would be boring... though sometimes it can be difficult... but remember, we are armed and ready for war
22 Oct 2017, at 00:57

Want to grow? Challenge yourself... PERIOD!
22 Oct 2017, at 01:55
Aaliyah Alfazema
Believe in yourself!!

self-belief carries weight. It starts with you before anyone can believe in you
19 Oct 2017, at 00:00

That believe alone can do wonders for you. Just #BELIEVE
19 Oct 2017, at 00:00

If you don't believe in yourself, no one will. It starts with you
22 Oct 2017, at 01:46

doubts can crash your biggest #dream. But self-believe will help you realize it
22 Oct 2017, at 01:53